The surge and swirl of water, the rich stillness of a woodland pond, the geological laying of the earth over the billennia—atmospheres and movements of natural environments inform my art concepts. For instance, I love the way the land has been laid down in layers and we get to see hints of that in stones with rings. I want to tell that story.

And then there is silk. This medium lures me with its flow and apparent insubstantiality that offers a way for luscious colors to swim in the air. I brush-paint the silk with fibre-reactive dyes that are bonded to the protein fibres (made by silkworms) through a steaming process. And I keep experimenting in the air-borne possibilities and mixed media additions that come with hanging artwork off the wall.

I’ve been making suspended silk-gauze art pieces—single-unit mobiles—with solid objects hung inside by a filament. Some are about water, others are about land, room-height columns of abstract, translucent earth-inspired imagery surrounding and obscuring solid ceramic ring rocks. These flowing, amorphous environments give the awareness that the objects floating inside (ring rocks, fish, feathers) are integrated with the action of their surroundings.

Each project is an exploration. Even my silk scarf work is an adventure in line, form, and of course luminous color.


Life is as fluid as flowing silk, I find. I move around between making art, teaching silk painting in my studio, teaching serious crafts to girls at a summer camp, designing for print, and participating in the various duties, and activities like contradances and friendships. I also get out of town now and then.


Shidoni Foundry and Gallery, Tesuque, NM (2014)

Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery/NH Art Association, Portsmouth, NH (2014) McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH (2014)

50/50 Gallery, Manchester, NH (2013)

Trumpet Gallery, Peterborough, NH (2012–2013)

Sharon Arts Center, Peterborough, NH (2010–2014)

Monadnock Art Tour Exhibit, Jaffrey, NH (2012–2013)

Cunningham Gallery, Jaffrey Civic Center, Jaffrey, NH (2012–2014)


Practice, practice, experiment, practice

Creative Arts Week, Camp Newfound, Harrison, ME, first learned silk painting in 2005, current teacher, artist in residence, student

Silk Painters International (SPIN) member and conference participant 2012 Graphic designer for ages

Post-graduate Diploma in Communications, Simmons College, Boston, MA BA in Fine Arts, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY


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